-Brenda, Columbus, Ohio


Dear Sally:
I wanted to share my “Feisty Fish Rub” story and recipe with you.
We met at the Ohio State Fair, and had the opportunity to taste test this product. As soon as I tasted the tuna and rub mixture I knew I was “on to something good”. My husband and I were going to meet up with the rest of our extended family (kids, grandchild, in-laws, nieces, nephews) in Canada the following week as we have for over 20 years, at the same fishing camp and cabins.

We caught lots of yellow perch and small mouth bass, and as is our custom prepared for the family fish fry. I added Feisty Fish Rub to the breading (see recipe below) without telling the rest of the family and waited for their reactions. After a loud chorus of “YUM, what did you put in the fish” from my loved ones,  I told them my new “secret” recipe. My husband took some of this fish to the camp owners’ to nibble on, and he immediately came back to me with (much to my shock) “Wow, the fish was delicious!” The camp owners are terrific but not what we would say prone to being gushy especially when it comes to cooked fish. (They’ve run the camp for over 30+ years and have dined on more fish then you can shake a fin at!  It felt great to receive such a lovely compliment. (I intend to bring her a bottle when we return next year as a gift….) We love this rub! I have already purchased six bottles and intend to give some as stocking stuffers this coming holiday. Try this rub for zingy, yummy fish! Here’s my “secret” fish recipe.


Feisty Fried Perch or Bass


  • Fresh or unthawed yellow perch fillets or small or cut up pieces of bass about 1/4 or 1/2 lb. per person
  • Canola oil for fryer
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • All purpose flour
  • Crushed saltine crackers I use my cuisinart to crush pretty fine I use a whole box, leftover crumbs will keep if stored.
  • Feisty Fish Rub


  • Set up a “breading” station by making your first dipping mixture in a shallow pan with sides. (I use a pie pan).
  • Mix and beat together approximately 3 eggs and ? cup of milk. In the second pan flour, and the third is the mixture of cracker crumbs and rub.
  • Premix the crumbs and rub to be able to see color change in the crumbs. (about 1/4 – 1/2 cup per box crushed, adjust to individual zesty taste)
  • Fill your fryer as instructed with oil and set on highest temperature. (375-400 degrees)
  • Dip the fillets in the milk/egg mixture, then in the flour, then back in the egg mixture and NOW back in the cracker/rub mixture. (It’s sometimes difficult to judge how much of egg mixture, flour, crumbs you’ll need per meal preparation. I add to each station when necessary.)
  • Once done, drop the breaded fillets in fryer and when golden brown, place on a platter with paper towels.
  • Then serve, and watch the smiles of fish eating satisfaction!!