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Mom’s Gourmet Spice and Seasoning Blends

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*excluding Yellow Dog Sweet Shake

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Free Cookbook for Fall
Free Cookbook for Fall

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We Love Our Customers!

Such an amazing company!! I’m on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and we are encouraged to get letters from companies regarding their ingredient labels and this company was quick to reply and let me know the spice blends that would be “allowed” on my special diet!

Their Galloping Gourmet Shake is crazy amazing and I tell everyone I know about their blends!! Thank you Sally and Mom!!!

– Jennifer Lavelle

My husband is on a low sodium diet which used to mean low flavor. Thanks to the Rowdy Kitty Rub and The Gallopin’ Gourmet Shake, we are enjoying the flavor of our various meals.

– Mary Lynne Bush

I got the Mom’s Golden MoJo after sampling it at the food show. After seeing all the fuss about golden milk, then finding this, I couldn’t pass it up! I use it every day in my milk or in peanut butter or tea. I absolutely love it and the flavor!

– Marissa Edwards

We use your seasonings on everything! My husband grills with them and I bake and roast with them. We love the fact they are healthy and don’t have all the filler ingredients, salt and sugar like other blends. Thanks for making a premium product.

– Andrea and Jose Bancells

Meet Mom

Behind the success of Mom’s Gourmet was creative food aficionado Patsy Flattery. Patsy, a.k.a. “Mom,” had what every great gourmet cook has … culinary inventiveness mixed with a dash of “I can do it better.”

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23 hours ago

Mom's Gourmet

This stir-fry looks fabulous! ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Mom's Gourmet

Good Lawd, this pork ragout is addicting! Our Ciao Down adds the perfect compliment to this Dutch oven comfort food. Serve it over Pappardelle, polenta, or go carb-free and just enjoy as is! You’re gonna love this one. A bunch of recipes, including this one, for our new Italian blend are going up tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less

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1 week ago

Mom's Gourmet

Zero Food Waste!
Let's hear it for Smucker's! Now that is being environmentally responsible. Read the story here:
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2 weeks ago

Mom's Gourmet

Aren't these three "Black Dogs", the cutest? Tyr, Freyja and Ragnar. We love when customers send us pictures of their pups! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Mom's Gourmet

We'd like to thank all our customers who have ordered over the last few months. Where have our products gone? US Embassy for Russia, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, Kelleys Island, New Jersey, New York, CT, Nevada, Virginia, Afganistan, Texas, Iowa, California, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Washington, Oregon.
#Gratitude #Appreciation #WeLoveOurCustomers
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