This is a fool-proof recipe for perfect salmon from my friend, Brad!

1. Rinse fillet in cold water, drip dry briefly. Cut into single

servings on cutting board.
2. Place each serving flesh side down on plate with 1 tablespoon of
EVOO, rotate to evenly coat fillet.
3. Flip to skin side down, rotate, and season generously with Jammin Salmon rub.
4. Repeat steps for multiple servings and place on platter.
5. Pre Heat grill to 400 to 425, clean thoroughly and spray cooking area with Pam for High Temp, works best as it has a higher flash point.
6. Place fillet flesh side down first, and cook for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes depending on thickness.
7. Flip to skin side down and cook 4 to 6 minutes to desired doneness.

Ready to serve, beautifully grilled on top. Flesh is easily separated from skin with a fork or butter knife. Comes out perfect every time.

Or, use steps 1 through 4 and bake flesh side up in a 375 oven until flesh is translucent. Use a spatula to remove salmon meat from skin.