Why all the hype about salt? Your kidneys need it to function, and on the down-side, its over-used in many processed foods. We developed most of our blends to be salt-free because we feel salt is personal. Some like a little, others like a lot. Some can’t have any in their diet, and others say pour it on.

As an alkali metal and part of group 1 in the periodic table, it has one electron in its outer shell and shares itself with a positively charged atom. What does this gibberish have to do with our spice blends you ask? Well, to simply put it, salt will clump. That means we’d have to add an anti-caking agent to prevent clumping. And, we don’t want to add things that are not beneficial to our bodies or yours. So, we decided to take the healthy route and let folks add their own salt.

We have our Heart Smart gifts sets and sell them as individual jars.

Which of our blends are 100% salt-free? Black Dog Belly Rub, Far Out Feather Dust, FlowerPower, Gallopin’ Gourmet Shake, Wow-A Chihuahua, Mom’s Golden MoJo, Yellow Dog Sweet Shake.


Rub yourGrub:-)

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