This recipe makes 20 triangles.

This are light with a little bite. Easy to make and people love them.

1 black radish – washed, pat dry and grated

4 to 5 bright red radishes – washed, pat dry and grated

5 slices party pumpernickel squares

5 slices package part rye squares

1 stick soft, salt-free butter

1-1/2 teaspoons Black Dog Belly Rub

Pink Himalayan salt

Mix Black Dog Belly rub into the soft butter. Spread the soft butter mixture onto each slice of bread. Cut each slice on the diagonal to make triangles. Add grated black radish to the rye triangles and grated red radish to the pumpernickel triangles. Sprinkle a tiny bit of himalayan pink salt onto each triangle and then i like to shake a little black dog over all. Enjoy