Let me say one thing, these are fabulous. So fabulous, you might make them for dinner!

4 thick slices of Garlic bread – I try and plan this for a Saturday after I have made a spaghetti dinner and have leftover garlic bread.

Fresh baby spinach

Chopped ripe tomatoes or a can of diced but drain them well

4 eggs

Shredded Parmesan cheese

Black Dog Belly Rub

Warm the garlic toast. Take out of oven and  put two slices on each plate. Top with plenty of spinach and then diced tomatoes. Meanwhile poach 4 eggs. When eggs are done carefully place them on top of the tomatoes. Shake on Black Dog Belly Rub and then  top with Parmesan cheese. This will be your new go to breakfast! Serve with fresh fruit.IMG_6816