It all started on a road trip in 2008. I was having anxiety over the upcoming holiday and wondering what to get everyone. I said “Mom, no one needs anything, but I want to do something small and meaningful. How about we do something home-made, I’m tired of the commercialization of the holidays.” Mom agreed. So, as we drove and talked over the next few hours we discussed some ideas.  Mom had just been diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) and was battling diabetes.

Not long after that trip mom had a dinner party. She made a wonderful beef tenderloin with the most aromatic rub. I asked her what was the brand. She said “I just made it up.” Bingo, my light switch turned on and I thought, here’s the gift idea. I began to think about names and ideas for the blends. Mom made three blends and I made two. We got together over a weekend and cooked, grilled, and tested. I ran my names by her and she loved them. Viola, we had the holiday wrapped up.

Thus, the crazy names, Black Dog Belly Rub after my wonderful lab Rylee, (who became a Canadian National Field Trial Champion at the age of 2-1/2). Red Dog Rub, (after my beloved golden retrievers),  Rowdy Kitty Rub, (in memory of my rowdy rescue cats, Sasquatch, Ashes, Willy and Domino) Awesome Antler Rub (dedicated to a good friend Gary who provides us with venison fit for royalty) and Feisty Fish Rub (for my love of the ocean and diving).

More to come with this wild story in another post…