Feisty Fish Rub

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As featured on cable TV’s “Hunt Fish Cook” program. Look for J. Paul Jackson’s recipe! We call him Chez Paul. He’s a noted hunting guide, an excellent retriever trainer, and boy, can he cook!

Whether you caught it or bought it, Feisty Fish Rub will flip your fins! Season your fish (any fish and shellfish) and grill, bake, sear or broil.  Or, include it in your favorite Beurre Blanc or light cream sauce. Either way, Feisty Fish Rub is just the right blend of sizzle and flavor. But don’t stop with seafood. We use this on chicken and its great for roasting cauliflower!

Blended with lemon pepper, herbs, garlic, warm and sweet peppers with a whisper of celery salt.

Low Sodium. No Sugar. No Preservatives. Gluten Free.

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Nutrition Facts Serv. Size: 1/4 tsp (1.2g), Servings: 118, Amount Per Serving: Calories 0, Total Fat 0g (0% DV), Sodium 125mg (5% DV), Total Carb. 0g (0% DV), Protein 0g. Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Price: $8.00